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Cindy Crawford on Aging Well, Exercise and the Return of the Supermodel

Fab Blab: Cindy Crawford

There was a time when supermodels ruled the world and demanded $10,000 just to get out of bed. These days might be upon us again as classic names such as Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford begin fronting campaigns for major brands such as YSL and Prada. This weekend the Sunday Times caught up with Cindy Crawford to find out about her "secret".

Crawford told the paper the realistic reasons for her ability to age well and about her continual exercise. “There is no secret, not like finding the perfect jeans. It’s genetics — I was born with a good envelope — and lifestyle. When I moved to New York, when I was 20, I was not super-skinny, so I got into exercise and it has become part of my life. You do not find time to exercise, you make time, otherwise you will find millions of other things to do.My job is contingent upon how I look, and I fight the good fight with facials and vitamins."

She also expressed her reasons for the return of the classic models. “It went all waify, but it would have been very boring if it had not changed over 20 years. It came back because the baby-boomers are getting older. They like seeing our familiar faces again, because it makes them feel good about themselves." Are you excited for their return or would you prefer to see new faces?


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