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Clean And Clear Advert Banned in the UK, Beauty Ads Banned In The UK

Another UK Beauty Advert Gets a Slap on The Wrist

The UK Advertising Standards Authority are seriously cracking down on beauty adverts that they feel misrepresent products. Earlier this year they blasted L'Oreal for using hair extensions in a campaign starring Cheryl Cole. Now, they're so angered by a Johnson & Johnson's Clean and Clear Spot Control Kit TV ad, that they're banning it from airing altogether.

The ASA feels that since the ladies in the commercial are wearing makeup (they have on "light powder [to] remove shine from the T-zone") in the "after" portion of the before and after photos, that Johnson & Johnson isn't being honest with the public about how skin actually looks after using their kit. The commercial says, "100% of people had improvement in just one day and after four weeks, they all had fewer spots, reduced redness and much clearer skin."

After receiving complaints from consumers who are getting different results than the commercial promised, the ASA went on record to say,

"We considered that, in order to make the before and after comparison fair, both shots should have been taken under the same conditions (both without makeup) to ensure that any visible improvement was an accurate representation of what could be achieved with the product."

Watch the commercial and let me know if you agree or disagree with the ASA's decision.

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