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Coleen McLoughlin Rooney Coleen's Real Style

Would You Take Fashion Advice from Coleen Rooney?

Seems over the next few months we're going to be inundated with fashion media in the form of TV and books as everyone from Alexa Chung to Coleen McLoughlin/Rooney advises you on what to wear. This weekend Coleen did her first interviews as a married woman discussing her style guide Coleen's Real Style.

When speaking to The Mirror Coleen explained that she knows the book will be under-fire.

"I know what the criticism is going to be before the book is even launched. It's going to be, 'What does she know about fashion and style she got it wrong here, she got it wrong there'. But those people who criticise me, what do they know about fashion that I don't know? I've won a few awards for fashion and the main thing is that I'm not telling people how to dress or what to buy I'm just giving my advice."

In that respect, I guess you could consider Coleen to be a close friend or sister simply commenting on your wardrobe choices. Seeing as Victoria Beckham and Girls Aloud have already shared their fashion tips with the world I don't see why Coleen shouldn't. But my questions is, would you take fashion advice from Coleen?

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