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CuteCircuit Comes to the UK with LED Tops and a Dress with a Phone Built In To It

Wearable Technology Goes Mainstream

There has been a lot of talk about wearable technology this year, especially after Katy Perry wore a light up dress to the Met gala back in May. Rihanna has also got in on the act with an Alexandre Vauthier LED dress which she wore as part of her tour ensemble. Well, CuteCircuit, who designed Katy's dress, are now going mainstream as their wares are to be stocked at Selfridges. Pieces which will be available include Twirkle Tees which are washable tops with LED lights that change as you move (starting from £90) and a knee length version of Katy's eyecatching dress.

Also in the pipelines is the 'M dress' (pictured above) which has a built in mobile phone. Whilst this initially sounds quite crazy – it makes a lot of sense! You can answer it by lifting your hand and then hang up by lowering it again, although you can only call out to one number. Designer Francesca Rosella explains it's "like a superspy dress" and added, "It’s not meant to wear every day. It’s for a special evening when you don’t want to be bothered carrying all of your plastic boxes." I think this is an interesting development in fashion and I am definitely intrigued by the Twirkle Tee. Are you interested in wearable technology?

Image Source: WireImage
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