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Dress Over Jeans Trend From the 2000s

Jessica Alba Just Reminded Us About This Inescapable Denim Trend From the 2000s

Dress Over Jeans Trend From the 2000s
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"In the early 2000s - Apparently, I loved to wear dresses w jeans ... you're welcome," Jessica Alba wrote on Instagram, sharing three solid instances of her rocking the trend. Yes, long babydolls plus flares equaled red carpet perfection way back when, and we don't think Rachel Bilson, Kim Kardashian, or Jennifer Lopez would disagree.

In fact, while Jessica's the most recent celebrity to remind us about the irresistible combination, Anne Hathaway posted a similar throwback shot in 2015, attributing her Ella Enchanted premiere outfit to a stylist "who shall not be named."

These days, styling a dress over pants can be awfully chic, and the look even comes by way of monochrome or printed coordinate sets. But back when denim was quite literally THE fabric of our lives, there was no choice but to throw your shrunken going-out top over bell bottoms and possibly wrap a sequinned scarf around your neck for dramatic effect. You know what we mean?

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