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Exclusive Few Fab Words With Sophie Morgan

Britain's Missing Top Model may well be over for this year but the battle for acceptance of disabled models in the fashion industry continues. One woman who's campaign certainly did not end with the series is paraplegic model Sophie Morgan.

She was the runner-up to winner Kelly Knox although many (myself included) thought she would win. Sophie told us, "I really, really, really wanted to win. And I really, really believed in it and in myself and trying to do the most that I could with it so I was quite upset about it ."

We caught up with her to find out about her experiences on the show and what she plans to do in the future...

  • Why are disabled models so important to you?
    I think it’s important because it just hasn’t happened and I don’t know why. I don’t understand why disabilities have to be ostracized. There are so many beautiful girls that could model but don’t because they’re disabled. I’m not saying that because you’re disabled and you’re pretty you should model but if you have all the components that could make a model but are missing a hand or something I don’t understand why you can't.

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  • Do you think the fashion world would have addressed this issue without the show?
    No. I really don’t. And I don’t know if this show will make any difference but it will start to change people’s perspective and start to change peoples opinion and all these little steps are steps in the right direction.

  • How did the show change you?
    It made me a lot more passionate about changing things, about getting involved and trying my hardest to change something, to make it more fair and to make this intolerance disappear. I never really felt that way before but I’ve become very passionate about it.

  • In the photoshoot with Amelia they made you look able bodied, did this defeat your point?
    The truth of the matter is that if we wanna model then we’re gonna have to look like normal models. They weren’t making disabled models on this show they were making disabled girls model like normal models. If we wanna be models then we’d have to hide our disabilities because that’s the way the industry is.

  • Do you still want to be a model?
    No. I only really wanted to win it to use the platform that I would have been given to go on and do bigger things. I would have never wanted to use it to be a model, it’s not something that holds my attention. I would have wanted to use it to talk about the fact that there should be disabled models. I’m so happy for Kelly and I’m so happy that it was her (that won) because she is beautiful she’s got a visible disability that hopefully she will go far.

  • Best Bit?
    The nude shoot or the catwalk. The nude shoot was really cool and I really enjoyed doing it. It was just what the whole show was about really, was really good and I really enjoyed doing it.

  • Favourite shop? Free People
  • Favourite website? My own!


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