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Fab Blab: Daisy Lowe

This weekend the Observer Magazine caught up with Fab favourite Daisy Lowe. The model, who is rumoured to have broken up with Mark Ronson this weekend, is currently back in London for fashion week. She has also recently been revealed as one of the faces of Agent Provocateur.

Daisy is often out spoken about her role in the fashion industry. She complains that they only want super skinny girls and in this interview she was quite explicit about her feelings.

"The thing is I'm not teeny-weeny stick sample size so I don't want to go along to the cattle castings and not fit into any of the clothes. Show size is very small and I eat doughnuts and Red Velvet (cupcakes). I love curvaciousness. Curvy girls are the sexiest girls. If clothes were built for curvier women, which is most of the population, one: people would look better; two: designers would sell more clothes, and three: they wouldn't have to use tiny anorexic models."

She also talks about what she was like before she became a model. "I loved chemistry and psychology. I won a chemistry quiz and got given a forensic scientist's uniform. I was 15. So at the same age as doing all this science stuff, I did the Agent Provocateur perfume campaign and I did get a Saturday job, in AP. I worked in the store room upstairs, but I still got the pink uniform."

Reading the interview left me wishing Daisy Lowe was my best friend! It's so refreshing to hear of somebody so level-headed in the modeling industry, particularly a model who is under so much pressure to conform. Daisy hinted that she'd soon move back from New York to London because she's "bored of planes".

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