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Fab Flash: Karl Lagerfeld's Influence is Noted

Fab Flash: Karl Lagerfeld's Influence is Noted

Karl Lagerfeld, or 'The Kaiser' as he is so often known has been making an impact in the fashion industry for many decades. Perhaps most notable for relaunching Chanel in 1983, he has also made his mark at Fendi. Bearing this in mind, it is surprising that Lagerfeld has only just been recognised for his influence outside of the fashion sphere appearing 93rd in Time magazine’s top 100 most infuential people.

The designer made his mark on the High Street in 2004 with a capsule collection for H&M. He has recently developed his passion for photography by shooting campaigns himself.

Also appearing in the list is French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld who came 99th, just making it on to the list. However, you will note the lack of a Ms Wintour! Hedi Slimane describes Roitfeld as being "influential almost without knowing it".


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