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Fab Gift Guide: Indie Boy

Ben Sherman at ShopStyle

If the man in your life looks like he could be in a rock band and regularly gets mistaken for a member The Peth then buying for him doesn't have to mean a trip to a record store. Lets be honest, buying CDs can be a risky game anyway as you can never be sure what he's got and you're sure to pick a controverisal album unwittingly.

Looking the part is just as important as listening to the right band these days so instead of adding to his CD rack why not improve his wardrobe? It's easier than you might think, essentially pick something a bit edgy or that looks a bit vintage without looking like you made too much effort. Think plaid shirts, skinny jeans and cardigans with Converse All stars (quite Johnny Borrell) or biker boots (more Justin Bobby's style).
See below for some gift suggestions from just £10.

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