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Fashion Game on Facebook 2010-07-20 07:35:00

Introducing PopSugar's Retail Therapy Game on Facebook!

We're proud to introduce our insanely addictive new game, PopSugar's Retail Therapy! It's a new fashion game where you can mix and match your favorite brands (including Diane von Furstenberg, Gap, Topshop, Barneys New York, Banana Republic, Juicy Couture, and Tory Burch), play with your friends, and feel the experience of running your very own high-end fashion boutique! You can create and dress up your own avatar, hire your friends, and decorate your store as it grows. Get a taste of the excitement with our preview below and click here to play our hot new game now!

Introducing PopSugar's Retail Therapy Game on Facebook!  originally posted on POPSUGAR Beauty
Regina14915199 Regina14915199 4 years
hello can you guys have the game On Itunes! pretty please. because i really miss playing this game. but change the game but at the same time don't change it. like for example have them date fashion models or any famous celebrity. please have the game have more fun to it And More life.
NicoJewelryNami NicoJewelryNami 5 years
it's not working everytime i go there some other page opens if anyone knows how to solve this can u plzzzzz tell me !!!
GabijaSunshine GabijaSunshine 5 years
Wieso kann ich das speil nicht verwenden? immer wenn ich auf ''Play now'' klicke kommt das raus:
juanavelez20 juanavelez20 6 years
so unfair!
Community-Manager Community-Manager 6 years
Hey everyone, just to let you know that we had to close doors for PopSugar's Retail Therapy game. We hope for those that got to play enjoyed it and we hope you will continue to participate across the PopSugar Network!
juanavelez20 juanavelez20 6 years
I can't play... when i click the link the page that pops out ( isnt the game!! its like best buy or something like that! help me please!! i used to play this game :(
patjjac patjjac 6 years
I just started the game. I can't get pass the second page with the ordering of the clothes. Could someone tell me what to do on this page please? Seems to be a good game and from the reviews. Thanks in advance.
Billie007 Billie007 7 years
I'm hooked! So much so, my orders are scheduled for when I get into work & can sort things out in peace & quiet! To anon: click on decorate/furniture/storage & you might find your missing rack there. Or, if you accidently dragged it to the checkout, then it means you've sold it back for half the price paid. Hope this helps!
RoseraDesigns RoseraDesigns 7 years
OMG I think I just had an orgasm...
flowness flowness 7 years
I don't like that everything costs the same and leave the same profits... it makes no sense at all!
kandihurl kandihurl 7 years
To pause the game, I click on the decorate button. I still receive the orders so I can fill up my store. Hope this helps (i think)... :)
msshellokitty msshellokitty 7 years
I've been playing it but like everyone else it needs a pause button.When I go back to the game all my stock is always gone.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 7 years
This looks fun!
gigill gigill 7 years
I agree with the other comments about the lack of pause function. Unfortunate!
marcied23 marcied23 7 years
sure vancityvenus...i'll msg. you may name.
vancityvenus vancityvenus 7 years
Anyone want to become my friend on this game? None of my fb friends read popsugar...and I'd like some fellow addicts to join me!
zuke zuke 7 years
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