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Few Fab Words With Afshin Feiz

Last week I attended Afshin Feiz's Spring 2009 show at the Royal Academy of Arts. Having spoken with the designer before I was eager to find out what inspired him for Spring 2009.

At all of the fashion shows you are presented with a brief description of what influenced the designer. At some shows this could simply be a few words but for Feiz's collection we were told that he was inspired by Zen and beauty. He was particularly inspired by Buddha's Silent Sermon in which he stared at a flower for ten hours without saying a word. Buddha was said to be appreciating the beauty of the flower and this is what Feiz urged us to do at the show with his dresses.

FS: I understand that the collection is about appreciating beauty, but what is about your dresses that makes you think about it more?
AF: What comes more in advance for me, personally, rather than the exact theme is that I start developing an identity. So I know that whatever I do from now on, I’m thinking along the lines of that identity and that’s what I’m going to do, whatever the theme is, You know? So basically, I’ve gone really dark for Winter which is not really my habit and I thought this season, do you know what? just do what you really want. And pastels are really natural to me. I like clothes that are really girly but at the same time with the chains and stuff it kinda gives a little edge on stuff. So I like things to be wearable but theres an edge to it which makes things a little bit off. But no matter who looks at it you still feel like you can wear it.

To find out about the fabrics Feiz used and his plans for the future read more.

FS: Did you encounter any problems when you were making it?
AF: Not in terms of manufacturing. I was kinda depressed this season and I went through a difficult personal period which finally I think I managed to channel that in to something. And it’s been the best collection so far. I mean I’ll never do black, I’d do black for sales but never do it in my Spring collection.

FS: Do you prefer designing for Spring than Winter?
AF: Yes because I like light kinda girly clothes.

FS: Can you tell me a bit about the fabrics which you used?
AF: Yeah theres a lot of different kinds of silk. There’s silk sharmas, chiffon, satin…I like silk a lot and I use it and I like different textures of it. It’s interesting to find stuff that’s the classic fabric but has been treated to be a little bit different.

FS: Any designers which inspire you?
AF: Phoebe Philo who was at Chloe and has just gone back to Celine, she’s been a big influence. Probably Tom Ford as well.

FS: What can we expect from you in the future? Will you be doing any accessories?
AF: Yeah of course. But we’re still developing it, we want to start bags this season. Just a couple maybe and slowly in to shoes.


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