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Few Fab Words: Inbar Spector

Young Israeli born designer Inbar Spector closed London Fashion Week last Friday with her Spring show. The make-up for the show was distinctly Bjork inspired and her designs were exciting, definitely making her one-to-watch. The penultimate piece in her collection received applause from the audience who were bowled over by her design talent.

After the show I managed to catch up with adorable black attired Inbar who was relaxing with her parents and sister (who is almost identical to Inbar but dressed in white) whilst the technicians began dismantling the catwalk around us.

Can you tell me a bit about your inspiration?
I think the inspiration was a bit about beauty and about the pursuit of beauty. Sometimes we’re going to extremes and going over the top with trying to pursue it but you can’t touch it; it’s untouchable. You can’t reach it. So this was the main concept, but then, you know, you get to the material, you get to the ideas, and to the sketches.

To find out more about her inspiration, the fabrics she used and plans for the future read more.

(cont') I think that I tried to use a lot of volume, like the twists and the ruffles to show how far you can go. Try to see the boundaries. I think everyone can see in the collection whatever he likes. So if someone sees something totally different it is good for me, you know, I would love to hear it.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
I think that in every outfit I liked something because this is me, my heart, my craft so with every outfit there is me in it. I loved all of them. I hope people will love them to.

Did you encounter any problems?
You know the usual problems, always money. Money is an issue with young designers but other than that, it’s just being creative and believing what you’re doing and going til the end. Don’t stop yourself, don’t hold yourself back.

Can you tell me a bit about the fabrics which you used?
Lots of tulle, chiffon, silk, silk tulle, a little bit of technical fabrics. I don’t know how to describe them but they’re not natural. They come from Japan and they’re made from unnatural materials but they look quite silky and cool. This is mainly the fabrics but I used zips, buckles, chains, lace!

Any designers which inspire you?
Lots of them. So many amazing designers! I love John Galliano. There are loads of young, good designers out there…. Yuko Yoshitake.

What can we expect from you in the future?
When you finish your collection you start to think about the next one and the finale is always like a hint of the next one but I’m not promising anything! It always comes from the last collection so it’s a process. Every collection is different but there is still my style in it.





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