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Few Fab Words With Zarif

At Tuesday night's Hilfiger Sessions I caught up with super-nice upcoming singer Zarif. Although you probably don't know her name yet she ended up collaborating with John Legend later that evening so we expect big things! Check out her sound here.

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re wearing? I love this skirt
Thank you. Well this I found in a vintage shop for a tenner and I was thinking, why has nobody snapped that up.

Any stores you'd recommend?
This (skirt) is from Beyond Retro which is a favourite one, always find something in there. I really like Bang Bang every now and again.

To find out about her style icons and what she can't live without read more.

Is that a Tatty Devine necklace?
Oh yeah. I got given this actually. Well good present.

Where are your shoes from?
(whispers like it's a trade secret) They’re just from Office!

Who are you excited to see tonight?
Well, John Legend obviously.
He said he was excited to see you!
Yeaaa! (very excited) Wicked. That’s made my day!

Why do you think that fashion and music are so linked?
You know when you’re young you just start getting in to music and you just want the people you like to look cool. I guess they’re both expressions of yourself.

Any item of clothing you can’t live without?
My denim jacket. Definitely. Inside out. It’s covered in badges and all sorts of crap but I’d be really upset if I ever lost that.

Any style Icons?
I love Debbie Harry and Cindy Lauper. Crazy ‘80s women!

What can we expect from you in the future?
I’m putting out an album earlier next year hopefully, I’m just finishing it off now.


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