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Five Fun Apps to Transform Yourself

5 Fairly Awesome Ways to Waste Your Time

Some of the many, many wonderful things the Internet has given us are "-ify yourself" apps, programs that allow you to upload a picture of yourself and become a Mad Men character, a drag superstar, or just someone with a slightly different haircut and color. There are a million of these things out there, but some of them are way more fun than others. I trolled the Internet (not that kind of trolling) for five of the most satisfying ways to get transmogrified, so to check them out, just keep reading.

  • Oprah-fy Yourself — Oh yes, this is real. Don't ask me how or why, but while her show's in its final season, you can metamorphose into some kind of half human, half Oprah demigod and transcend our lowly mortal plane, if only for a moment.
  • Ron Swanson Yourself — Love Parks & Recreation? Then you'll probably want to Swanson-ify yourself with Ron's epic mustache.
  • Jerzify Yourself — This one goes out to all you Jersey Shore junkies. Make like Snooki and go orange and poufy; all your friends will be as jealous as Sammi.
  • Zombie-fy Yourself — There's never a bad time to get a little undead, and this program does a nice job of making everyone look uniformly gangrenous and bloody. Perfect for submitting it as your Senior yearbook picture.
  • Neanderthal-ify Yourself — Ever wondered what you'd look like as one of our neanderthal ancestors (yep, turns out lots of us have their DNA)? This extremely goofy app from the Smithsonian answers that question for you.
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