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How to Wear Jeans and a Sweater

32 Ways to Make Jeans and a Jumper Look Cooler Than the Last Time You Tried It

How to Wear Jeans and a Sweater
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The best thing about wearing jeans and a jumper? You already own those items, so there's zero spending involved. But how do you take this classic combination, which almost feels expected come Autumn, and make it look extraordinary? We gathered a whole bunch of brilliant styling hacks — little add-ons you can try or colours you can pair — to elevate your outfit entirely. In fact, you might go walking into the room and attract everyone's eyes. It'll be as if you're wearing a sexy, leggy little black dress, but really, all the attention will stem from the fact that you've just taken your true blues to new heights. Scroll to brush up on all the moves you forgot you can make with these two staple pieces.

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