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Victoria Beckham flew to London on Saturday, leaving her boys to have fun at the football. She's flying back to the UK for a good cause selling six Roberto Cavalli tour outfits to raise money for the Victoria and David Beckham Children's Charity. This charity provides kids with wheelchairs and other kit. Victoria explained, "I love all the outfits - for the memories they hold and for how beautiful they are. But there has been a lot of interest in them and I want to harness that for the charity."

All good deeds aside, I am not sure what she was thinking when she opted for these bright pink flares. Not only do they clash with her orange skin tone but they also leave Victoria looking like she wants to challenge Jordan in the Barbie lookalike stakes. I think that maybe they'd look better in a darker shade or maybe if they were skinny rather than flared. Unfortunately, this outfit marks Victoria's entry to the How would YOU wear it hall of shame. Please can you offer her some help?

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jazziegtg jazziegtg 8 years
This is a hard one. I would have the jeans be skinny cut and maybe more of a muted dusty pink tone so they would not have been so loud and obvious looking. And I would have lengthened the top a bit too for balance. I'm not an expert either, but that is what I would have done.
shopgirl925 shopgirl925 9 years
spharrell that sounds adorable!
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 9 years
I kinda don't like this tone of pink. I call it the Pepto Bismol pink. Honestly, this pink is too annoying. And on that of that, I don't think black was her best choice to mix it. Maybe a white cute top would have looked better. Coloured jeans are very 80's and may be cool to go wear retro clothing but this is not the best example. My very humble opinio as I'm not a fashion experte hehe.
sarahsreallife sarahsreallife 9 years
OK how bout this... To tone down the overall "Barbieness", I would wear a longer, more boho top in gray instead of black (so there's not such a harsh contrast). I would also wear flats rather than heels. Accessorize with a coulple long chain necklaces and bangles! Voila!
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
They're too cotton candy pink - I agree with Fab- they'd look a lot better if they were skinny coloured jeans.
hills hills 9 years
me too couture, i reckon she can pull them off.
I have to admit..I kind of like them a bit though they are a little tacky.
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