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Hywel Davies, Fashion Book

Fab Read: 100 New Fashion Designers by Hywel Davies

With the festive season just around the corner, it's the perfect time to start making notes of wish-list items. If you're as inpatient as me then this is more difficult than it sounds as who wants to wait til the end of December for something they'd really like now?! I find that books and CDs are the perfect wishlist items which is why I wanted to share this fashion gem with you.

100 New Fashion Designers by Hywel Davies (£16.22) reads like a who's who of the London fashion scene. Although not all of the 100 are London based (such as Jean Pierre Braganza, Alice McCall and Duckie Brown), as it is the young, creative hub a vast majority are.

Davies provides an introduction to many great designers that you might not already be familiar with such as Aimee McWilliams, Deryck Walker and Spijkers en Spijkers. In the introduction he discusses the fashion institutions and capital cities that nurture upcoming talent. He also highlights the importance of sponsorship schemes aimed at supporting young designers such as New Generation and Fashion East.

The book is very of-the-moment but provides a snapshot in time of some of the future's (I think) biggest design names. It's great to just pick up and read occasionally but also a great reference source.

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