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Interview with Guillaume Henry of Carven about Autumn Winter 2010 and Kristen Stewart

A Few Fab Words With Guillaume Henry, Part 2

Here is the second part of my interview with Guillaume Henry of Carven. In the first part, French born Guillaume talked about getting involved with the brand and meeting his "fairy Godmother" Natalie Massenet. Now, we move on to his second line for the revived label and his thoughts on Kristen Stewart! The Carven collection is fun, young and has a big focus on being comfortable. The new season continues that vibe with jersey lined mini dresses that can be scrunched up and coats that can be worn as capes.

I asked Guillaume about this aspect of his work and the way he likes to play with size and dimension. He explained, "I love the idea of sprinkling a bit of magic on it. It’s not just a coat, it’s a coat that can tell a story. I like mixing things up a bit, sexy but structured."

To find out what else he had to say, just read more.

  • Do you have style icons or a muse? I’d say Charlotte Rampling or Charlotte Gainsbourg. She doesn’t know how chic she is! She doesn’t pretend to be fashion, she is fashion. I also love Chloe Sevigny and of the new generation I love Kristen Stewart! I love her on the red carpet with a minidress and Converse. I’d love to dress her in a bustier dress with Converse. She doesn’t pretend to be something else, she’s just cool. I haven’t seen one movie with her, but just pictures of her – she’s so cool! She can wear haute couture, but on her, it won’t look too prepared.
  • What was the inspiration behind your Autumn/Winter '10 collection? It’s a French wardrobe. It would be the perfect wardrobe for a bourgeoisie in Paris. It was inspired by the work of Claude Chabrol (a French film director) and films like Les biches. It’s not really about the story, but the image and it’s really kind of simple. The girls are always so chic and in particular one woman Stéphane Audram – she was so chic. In those days, they wouldn’t wait for a designer to tell them what to wear, so they were so chic and choosing their own stuff. I would love to dress girls for a movie. I like anybody to be the heroine of their own life.
  • You did a presentation in Paris for Autumn '10. Would you like to do a catwalk show? Not a proper catwalk, because I think we’re more in to intimate shows. I like to think of it as a cinematic experience with the music. The girls, who presented the last collection, were not professional models. They’re so pretty, but they don’t have to act too much like models. I like the idea of those girls chatting together. You know because most models are 19, so I don’t want them to act like a proper woman. Some of them had chewing gum in their mouth! They were models from a really tiny agency, so they were not too prepared.
  • You also used a relatively unknown photographer to shoot your campaign, are you interested in upcoming talent?
    I prefer to get a photographer that really understands what we say. It’s not that difficult to ask a really famous photographer or a really famous model, but that’s not the point. We want to be really clear in our message and the photographer we asked, it was almost his first campaign for womenswear.

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