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Jennifer Lopez YouTube Video About Her Grammys Versace Dress

J Lo Shares the Story Behind Her Iconic Versace Look — and How It Almost Didn't Happen

Jennifer Lopez YouTube Video About Her Grammys Versace Dress
Image Source: Getty / Kirby Lee

Jennifer Lopez recently recounted the story behind one of the most famous red carpet moments of all time. After relaunching her YouTube channel, the singer and actress kicked off a new "Moments of Fashion" series, and, to no surprise, the first episode is all about her revealing palm-print Versace dress at the 2000 Grammys. The most fascinating thing we learned? The look almost didn't happen.

Around the time of the award show, Jennifer had been busy shooting The Wedding Planner, and she had really been cutting it close — as in, she still didn't have a dress selected until the day of the Grammys. Of the few dresses available, Jennifer's stylist, Andrea Lieberman, wasn't too keen on the Versace dress because it had already been worn by other celebrities, including Amber Valletta, Geri Halliwell, and Donatella Versace herself.

Despite her stylist's advice, Jennifer knew the Versace dress was the one. Her next obstacle, however, would be keeping the dress in place. "The only concern was whether or not my boobs were gonna pop out on stage — or anywhere along the way," Jennifer said. Thanks to double-sided tape and toupee tape, that never happened. She added, "There was never any danger of that. I was so securely stuck into that thing."

"One dress can change the trajectory of how people dress."

Once she hit the red carpet, Jennifer was taken aback by the response. "It was a frenzy, in a way that it's not usually. There was an extra kinetic energy there," she said. Jennifer went on to explain how the red carpet moment is actually credited with inspiring the establishment of Google Images. Reflecting on its lasting impact, Jennifer said, "It just goes to show you the power of fashion, and the power of those type of moments. I know people try to make it frivolous at times, but what those things do is they give people an inspiration. It puts a beautiful moment out into the world. It changes the style." She added, "One dress can change the trajectory of how people dress for the next 10 years."

Before ending the video blog, Jennifer also took a moment to pay tribute to Versace designer Luigi Massi, who died after suffering a heart attack on April 2. Through tears, Jennifer explained how she had been working with Luigi to create her look for the forthcoming Met Gala. "Your talent and your love will never be forgotten," she said.

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