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John Galliano is New Chairman of Fashion Fringe Replacing Donatella Versace

John Galliano Heads up Fashion Fringe

London just got another boost as a fashion capital as John Galliano has been enlisted as the new Fashion Fringe chairman. The eccentric designer has an impressive 26 year long career and is taking on his next challenge as a mentor, replacing previous chairman Donatella Versace.

What's more, his arrival is shaking up proceedings as he will be the sole judge of talent at the London Fashion Week competition. He told The Sunday Times, “I am hoping we find a rebel genius. I will look for someone who reminds me of me when I was starting out — someone original, unique, who has their own style and handwriting and isn’t afraid to try something new.”

I think this is great news for any budding designers as the head of Dior has certainly proved his worth to the fashion industry. He is already offering advice saying, “If you want easy, don’t pick fashion. Life is full of challenges, and it is how you deal with them and use them to help you grow that sets you apart. I am proof that you can break the rules, you can push fashion to the extreme, lose backers and still bounce back. If you have the determination and drive, plus talent and luck, then anything is possible if you want it enough.”

If you think you've got what it takes to win Fashion Fringe 2010, then you can apply here. The competition has previously helped launched the careers of Basso and Brooke, Eun Jeong, William Tempest and Aminaka Wilmont.

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