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Jumper dresses for 2008 Autumn Winter

10 of The Best Jumper Dresses

Topshop at ShopStyle

Wow it really is winter isn't it? I can't seem to leave the house without at least five tops and two pairs of socks, not to mention countless layers on my legs! My current uniform (minus the layers for warmth) is a big jumper dress, leggings and over the knee boots. Despite looking like an extra from a pantomime, I find this is the most effective way to stop shivering and to keep warm!

To show my love for the jumper dress I have rounded up ten of the best currently available to you. There are lots on offer from £25 to £520. In my experience, the more you pay the longer the knitwear will last. Cheap knitwear is great for a quick fix but you risk bobbling and holes emerging sooner than you might like.

Typically, my favourite is one of the more expensive; thegrey, blue and purple jumper by Freda (£440). However, I also really like the Jumper Dress by Ivana Helsinki at Topshop (£55). See below for more examples.

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