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Karl Lagerfeld on Online Shopping

Fab Blab: Karl Lagerfeld on Online Shopping

You're probably already aware that Karl Lagerfeld isn't exactly shy about sharing his opinions with the world. He has previously aired his views on the credit crunch, London and even Britney Spears. Today, however, Karl is commenting on online retail as discussions are being held over the future of luxury shopping on the internet.

Despite buying a lot of music at Amazon, he insists that he prefers buying clothes at physical stores like Colette or Dior Homme. “I like the physical contact with the goods. There is something unexciting about buying something exciting online.”

He explained the problems stating, “An H&M dress and a Chanel dress can look the same in a small photo, but not in real life. When you buy in a shop, you buy what you discover, what you might have had no intention of buying," There is an exception, "...for markdowns and for sales, it’s perfect." Do you agree with Karl's viewpoint or do you think he's being stubborn with his classic approach to retail?


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