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Kate Moss Boots, Moccasins, Fringed

Trend Alert: Moccasin Boots

No footwear is more synonymous with Kate Moss than moccasin boots. In fact, if you google 'Kate Moss boots' then you get Minnetonka Moccasins as the first option! She has worn them for so long (since 2003 according to Minnetonka) that the trend has now come back around and once again I am left pondering whether to buy a pair!

Kate Moss looks awesome in them (but what doesn't she look great in?) but she isn't the only celeb to buy in to the fringed boots. Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller and Lauren Conrad have also worn the style for a boho look.

The best thing about this trend is that the boots are not too expensive. The exact style and brand that Kate has are only £91. You can get shorter ankle styles or go for the knee-high style like Kate. See below for some of the pairs currently available.

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