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Katy Perry in Basso and Brooke Bright Suit

Katy Perry in Basso and Brooke

Katy Perry likes to wear bright colours. Who can forget her Manish Arora carousel dress at the MTV Europe awards or her Hello Kitty corset at the Brit Awards. Well, it seems to be expected then that she should wear a piece by London based designers Basso and Brooke. Earlier this week she wore a suit from their Spring line on stage in New York. Chris Brooke told Grazia Daily about their star moment. "Katy has been requesting it from our PR for months. She wanted to wear it on New Year's Eve but it was always out being used in shoots. In fact she has worn quite a bit of our stuff. She has a unique sense of style. In the end we gave her the sample of the suit. We think she looks brilliant in it."

The print features "a collage of quite iconic Japanese symbols" and is available from Feathers. What do you think about Katy's on stage style?

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