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Lady Gaga is Top Fashion Buzzword

Lady Gaga is the Top Fashion Buzzword for 2010

Lady Gaga has just been revealed as the top fashion buzzword by the American Global Language Monitor (GLM) for the coming season. The singer topped a list which also included "leggins 2.0", "no pants", "off-shoulder" and "chandeliers".

Gaga has left an impression on the fashion industry over the past twelve months owing to her range of outrageous outfits. She has reportedly inspired an increase in the sale of corsets and has surely contributed to one of Spring's biggest trends – underwear as outerwear.

The words and phrases are chosen based on their frequency, contextual usage and "appearance in global media outlets". Michelle Obama is the only other person to feature in the list.

To see the top 15 words, just keep reading.

1. Lady Gaga - enigmatic performance artist has had outsized impact on the world of fashion

2. Leggins 2.0 - leggings are now differentiated as jeggings (jeans + leggings) and meggings (male leggings), and the like

3. No pants - hot pants for the 21st Century

4. Off-shoulder - one shoulder and off-the-shoulder asymmetrics now combined with cutouts or draping

5. Chandeliers - earrings, that is

6. Boyfriend - boyfriend jackets, jeans and the like

7. Peek-a-boo - peek-a-boo fashion is back once again, this time as cutouts

8. Camos - camouflage is back, this time with an 'urban jungle' vibe

9. Hippie-luxe - movement inspired by the 40th anniversary of classic New York Daily News headline '600,000 Hippies Mired in Mud'

10. Armadillos - shaped like a lobster, made of Python - sculpted shoe designs of Alexander McQueen

11. Mixed prints - mixing various print in sometimes surprising ways

12. Embellishments - delicate, all, including ruffles, transparency and tulle

13. Ethical fashion - no furs, no armadillos, no leather.

14. Fashion 2.0 - incorporating streaming techniques that bring designer showcases and shows to the buyers and consumers in real time

15 Mobama - US President's wife Michelle is The Mobama

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