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Leather Pants Are a Fall Must Have

Trend Alert: Leather Pants

If there was one trend I picked up on while people watching during London Fashion Week, it was leather pants. Everyone who was anyone was wearing them in the form of leggings, jeans, jodhpurs, or trousers.

Thankfully, I have my old pair of Vince leather pants from 1999 that still fit and somehow have managed to keep their shape. I tend to throw things away quite regularly, but my leather pants will always remain a staple, as they come in and out of style every five or 10 years like clockwork.

However, I'd say I'm due for a new pair that don't have a little boot-cut flair at the bottom. My heart is set on these amazing Ponu Leather Fringed Trousers (£1,355) from Isabel Marant — if only they weren't so expensive! I really want them, but I guess I can wait for a High Street brand to copy them before I pounce. Shop more leather pants below, and let me know which pair you've got your eye on.

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