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Louis Vuitton Adverts Banned in UK for Being Misleading 2010-05-27 01:10:19

Louis Vuitton Ad Banned in the UK

There's been a trend growing recently in the UK for ad campaigns to be more factual. It started with beauty ads like Cheryl Cole's L'oreal campaign which landed in hot water for using hair extensions, and has now moved on to high fashion.

On the day that Louis Vuitton opened their flashiest store yet in London, two of their newest ads were banned across the UK for suggesting that the bags were hand stitched. The ASA pressured Louis Vuitton about whether the bags were actually hand crafted and found that sewing machines had been used, although argued that the ads paid 'homage to the craftsmanship'.

It's an interesting move, and I'm sure one that won't upset Louis Vuitton customers that much. However, this isn't the only misleading fashion ad campaign. Do you think more should be done to crack down on advertising, or do you think brands have a bit of a creative license?

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