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Nicole Richie Talks about her Jewellery line and her Love of Sunglasses

Fab Blab: Nicole Richie on House of Harlow

Nicole Richie's jewellery line has widely been a success with fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Like the Olsens before her, Nicole proved that celebrity fashion collections don't have to be trashy or demode. House of Harlow is adorably named after her daughter (will a Sparrow diffusion line follow?) and offers vintage style pieces for an affordable price.

She modeled the pieces herself for the look book showing how the items remain true to her own style. Nicole spoke to MyWardrobe about her inspiration, fashion memories and her second love.

  • Where does the 1960 come from in House of Harlow 1960?
    I’m inspired by the styles and vibe of the 1960s and 1970s and wanted the name of my line to reflect that influence.

To find out more about Nicole's inspiration, just keep reading.

  • From where do you take your design inspiration and does your own style influence you?
    I find inspiration in many things - art, music, people - which in turn influences my own style and the look of my collections.
  • Where would you like to see House of Harlow 1960 in 5, 10 and 20 years time?
    It’s my desire to continually update the line to reflect my style and my outlook. I hope that in 20 years time, the collection reflects my journey and is relevant to that era’s vibe.
  • If your first fashion love is jewellery, what is your second?
    Sunglasses! I have so many pairs both new and vintage.
  • What’s your favourite fashion memory?
    It has to be the first time I went to the Grammys. It was in the 1980s and I was four years old. The outfits were so outrageous, I’ll never forget it. Musicians really take it to the next level!
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