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Nina Garcia Reveals Her Wardrobe Must Haves

Ex Elle US editor Nina Garcia has prepared a guide to everything (she thinks) that your wardrobe must have. The One Hundred (£7.14) is an A-to-Z guide to the 100 items every stylish woman must own. During this tough financial times, it's important to focus of wardrobe staples rather than on-trend whimsical buys.

Speaking to The Observer, Nina explained that the list is just a guide, "The list is a only a guide, a barometer of items that have withstood time and seasons, fads and trends. Any woman who does not alter the items on the list to suit their personal style is not playing the style game correctly."

To find out what inspired Nina and to find out what some of the must-have items are read more

She went on to explain that she was inspired to compile the guide after having to move out of her flat for two years. "Every once in a while, I'd run back to the apartment to snatch an item or two. Soon I realised I had the answer to the questions that women kept asking me: 'What are the essentials? What are the 'must-haves'? They are the items I ran back to my apartment for, the items I simply cannot imagine living without."

In the article she picked out a few specific items that she thought were especially important (including the wrap dress, stilettos and a tuxedo jacket) and we've found some great examples for you below. The book is released on 1st October.

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