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Sex and the City Wardrobe Costs

Should the SATC2 Wardrobe Reflect the Recession?

My girlfriends and I have spent a lot of time lately debating what could possibly happen in the new Sex and the City Movie. We've been over everything in the trailer and have had the Aiden vs Big argument more times than I care to remember! I have also been pondering over the wardrobe choices as since the last film came out, the news has been dominated by the recession, but could Carrie really be making designer sacrifices? Well, according to news today, this is certainly not the case! There is one scene where the cast are doing karaoke and Carrie's ensemble alone would set you back $51,190! Obviously, a large part of the appeal of Carrie is her lust-worthy wardrobe, but should they have been more sensitive to the financial situation? I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this one.

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