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Is Shopping Your Favourite Form of Movement?

Alexandra Burke was asked by deodorant brand Sure to make an appearance at Westfield Mall in London and surprise shoppers by putting on a dance performance. The reason is Sure is launching a new range called motionsense that works when you move. The new advert features women wearing bell bracelets as they go about their day, showing everyone just how much they move. According to a poll taken by Sure, one-third of women in the UK see shopping as their favourite form of movement.

I'm not entirely sure that I'd call shopping exercise, but if you shop for hours on end (something I make a hobby of quite a lot), you definitely burn calories and keep your body active. Think about all of the walking you do, now add taking your clothes on and off in the fitting room, walking to your car, bus, etc. It may not be cardio, but it's healthier than sitting on the couch. Is shopping your favourite type of movement?  

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