Everything You're Wearing Now, Sienna Miller Wore a Decade Ago

16/10/2014 - 02:30 PM

When Sienna Miller [1] first hit the big time, she was as famous for her effortlessly bohemian wardrobe as she was for her high-profile relationship. The British paparazzi loved snapping Sienna and then-boyfriend Jude Law [2], and her laid-back, hippie-inspired fashion grew into a one of the biggest trends of the early 2000s. It lasted until the Factory Girl era, when Sienna took her look down a more mod route, and we ditched the Moroccan belts and gypsy skirts for a more ladylike look.

But suddenly, we're heading back toward boho. Don't then global-traveller-inspired festival looks from Summer 2014, from cuffed jeans to embroidered blouses, slinky waistcoats, and cheesecloth sundresses, seem oddly familiar? And as we move into a boho, 70s-inspired winter full of printed tops and floppy hats, don't you get a feeling that it's all been done before? It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since Sienna's boho era, but the cyclical world of fashion has taken us right back there again. Don't believe us? Take a look at some of Sienna's early fashion moments . . . most of which wouldn't look out of place today.

Cutoff Denim and Ankle Boots

Though cowboy boots might not be enjoying quite the renaissance they had back in the early 2000s, for many they're a staple no matter the time of year. And Sienna's cutoff vintage denim, designer handbag, and simple vest are all things we have in our 2014 wardrobes.

Ladylike Lace

What, you thought lace was a trend because of the Duchess of Cambridge? Pah, Sienna was wearing vintage-inspired dresses in 2005!

Slouchy Denim and Big Sunglasses

While Kate Moss [3] was working skinny jeans or flared J Brands, Sienna was already working a more slouchy option as far back as 2004. Those boyfriend jeans you're now teaming with heels? This was where they started life!

Simple Summer Dresses and Topknots

Free People, Mango, and Anthropologie were all full of these lightweight, simple cotton Summer dresses for 2014, and the ultimate combo is to add a lazy fashion-girl topknot . . . just like Sienna did almost a decade ago.

Rise-and-Fall Hemlines

Long before the high street started adding mullet hems to all its dresses, the queen of boho was doing it anyway. After all, she needed to show off her jewelled sandals.


Now a festival staple once again, Sienna wasn't afraid to try a bold tie-dye look 10 years ago.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Paging all fashion bloggers. Those boots you thought were "so this season"? Yeah, so 2004.

Midi Dresses

We half expected to find this exact dress on ASOS. So is the halter midi timeless, or is Sienna a fashion fortune teller?

Mixed Prints and Cropped Blazers

Ten years before Isabel Marant collaborated with H&M, Sienna Miller [4] wore this. Spot the similarities? The jacket is almost identical to one of the pieces from the range.

Chunky Sandals and an LBD

While her contemporaries were still in delicate strappy numbers or chunky cork platforms, Sienna was working an edgier, rock-chick sandal that we could easily still find for sale 10 years later.

White Shoes and Layered Necklaces

In 2004, pointed white stilettos were a major no, but that didn't stop Sienna. Now, they've become a Hollywood staple once again. As for the layered gold boho pendants . . . have you seen the jewellery department of Topshop or Forever 21 recently?

Red Carpet Colour

When Sienna wore this green and gold Matthew Williamson dress to the Oscars, it was during a time when most stars wore nothing but white, beige, or nude. Even Angelina Jolie [5] wore white that year. But in her bold emerald gown, Sienna was predicting the future once again. This year's Oscars ceremony was awash with bright hues, and this dress definitely wouldn't have looked out of place.

Striped Maxis

When we ran down our favourite maxis for Spring 2014 [6], stripes featured heavily. We should have known that was something Sienna knew 10 years ago too!

Pastel Skirts and Embellished Jackets

Yet another look that could have come straight from the Isabel Marant catwalk. And we thought her look was chic French chick, not boho British babe!

Cuffed Jeans and Ballet Flats

We're pretty sure we wore this exact outfit last week.

Quirky Embroidered Tulle

Another evening look from Sienna that could easily slot into a collection from 2014. Both Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana showed whimsical tulle dresses with quirky embellishment. If we slipped this gown into our list of Autumn's prettiest runway looks [7], you'd never realise it was actually a decade old.

Off-the-Shoulder Body-Con

The off-the-shoulder silhouette was everywhere this Summer; of course, Sienna was rocking it in 2005!

Strapless Jumpsuits

Even when she ditched the boho look, Sienna had an eye for timelessness. Strapless jumpsuits are still huge news, with dozens in store for Autumn. Bonus point for the pixie cut. Jennifer Lawrence [8], eat your heart out.

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