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Simple Collar Necklace From Pilgrim Jewellery

This Necklace Will Get You Hot Under the Collar

The piece: Pilgrim Dual Edges Necklace

The price: £40

Why we want it: Pilgrim is better known for bohemian beaded pieces and intricate flower, butterfly, and charm jewellery, which just makes this sharp, masculine piece all the more special. It adds an androgynous touch to an outfit, echoing a collar on days when it's too hot to actually button up to the neck. Collar necklaces are nothing new, but the simplicity of this one in comparison to its beaded, sparkly, studded, and pearl-encrusted siblings takes it to a new level. Wear it with a simple white t-shirt and blazer, layer it over a high-necked top, or use it to add edge to a girlie dress.

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