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Sir Paul Smith Talks about the Fashion Industry, his Hate for Fashion Shows

Fab Blab: Sir Paul Smith on the Fashion Industry

Sir Paul Smith is the latest designer to speak out about the way the fashion industry works. In an

Smith has been a key fixture of London fashion week for many years and always attracts an impressive front row. He said,

"I've always preferred the creative process of designing and selling clothes to the idea of putting on a poncey fashion show. It would be wonderful if fashion shows died out completely. They're so time-consuming and costly."

Smith heralds from Nottingham and began from a very humble background. It seems he is not impressed by the pretension of some designers.

"It's their 15 minutes of fame: pure, self-indulgent theatre. How many girls were there this year in horns or neck braces with bare breasts? It wouldn't matter if they didn't take it all so seriously, but the fashion world is a dangerous, superficial and fickle place."

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His fashion house makes an annual turnover of £346 million, but he says he doesn’t care what people wear. “I don't care what people wear. If a person is nice, with good manners, I couldn't give a damn if he's wearing a shell suit." What do you think of his comments, do you agree?

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