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Sir Philip Green Holiday in Caribbean with Daughter

Freaky or Fabulous: Matching T-shirts for Sir Philip and Daughter

Arcadia boss Sir Philip Green is currently holidaying in the Caribbean with his family (as are Simon Cowell and Amy Winehouse although sadly not all together). He has been spotted walking along the shore for the past two days with his daughter, Chloe in matching t-shirts! The printed t-shirts appear to be for the Sex Pistols and Rambo but closer inspection reveals a sadder truth. Maybe the recession has started to pinch for Sir Philip which is why he created these t-shirts featuring his face. The Sex Pistols t-shirt also features the faces of Simon Cowell, Sly Stalone and Michael Winner. Now, I'm not blaming Chloe as if my Dad owned Topshop I'd probably agree to wear matching tops with him too but is this awful or fun and fabulous?

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