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Sophia Webster Purple Metallic Shoes With Hearts and Baubles

You Will Heart These Sophia Webster Heels

The piece: Sophia Webster Loren metallic polka heart shoes

The price: £385

Why we want it: Sophia Webster has mastered the art of combining quirky and luxury in perfect doses, and there's not a style in her footwear collection that we haven't swooned over at some point. These purple metallic peep toes with tiny heart and bauble decoration will add a festive touch to any outfit, but they're not just for Christmas. You could wear them tomorrow, and nobody would bat an eyelid (except perhaps in admiration), and you'll still love them in a year's time. When investing in designer footwear, it's easy to think that classic and timeless is the way to go, but something this fun will get far more attention than boring black. You'll make that money back in compliments with your first wear!

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