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Tracee Ellis Ross Dad Sneakers Nicknames

Tracee Ellis Ross Wore Dad Sneakers, and Got Hysterically Roasted by Her Followers


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Tracee Ellis Ross is totally on board with the oh-so-popular dad sneakers trend, but apparently, her social media followers aren't quite ready to embrace the bold shoe choice with open arms. The Black-ish actress shared the above #OOTD Instagram photo, posing on a couch while wearing a trendy check print jacket, turtleneck sweater, flared pants, magenta socks, and white sneakers, looking chic as per usual. Her standout kicks featured a thick, beige sole, perforated detailing (kind of like Nike Air Force 1s), and two prominent velcro straps.

It turns out, people had a LOT of feelings about her sneakers, as her 'gram was utterly flooded with comments from followers who couldn't resist playfully roasting her for them. Tons of people called out how her velcro-strapped kicks look like they're meant for an elderly person, and some even came up with hysterical nicknames for the shoes, such as "Geriatric 9s" and "Dr. Scholl's Retro 1s."

Tracee's photo was so inundated with comments that she decided to share a follow-up photo with her shoes, which she paired with a little Sparknotes version of the funny nicknames people came up with. "I really love my sneakers. Like, I'm obsessed with them. But it turns out that some of you don't feel the same way, and the names you had for them made me giggle!!," the 45-year-old actress wrote. She then listed off some of her favourite nicknames, including "Senior centre 3s," "Nursery Home Bully 11s," "Air Dads," and "Lunch Lady Jordans." Oh, and I couldn't possibly forget my personal favourite: "Purse Candy 7s." LOL, the internet is such a weird yet gloriously creative place.

This isn't the first time Tracee has displayed her love for the "ugly" shoe movement, as she rocked a pair of clunky men's Balenciaga sneakers out on the streets last year. You keep rockin' those "Old Balances," girl! You're certainly not the only one who's into the trend.

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