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Ubertan Fake Tanning Nasal Spray Gets Discontinued

Dear Brits: No, You Can't Get Tan With Nasal Spray

What is it with totally weird, vaguely silly drugs these days? First people were huffing "bath salts," and now, at least in the UK, they're stuffing mysterious "herbs" up their noses to get tan. A product called Ubertan, which looks like Nasalcrom or any other typical nasal spray, was getting quite a following across the pond. That is, until it was quickly discontinued when people showed up in the emergency room with heart palpitations. Apparently the "herbs" in the spray were actually forskolin, a chemical that may turn skin brown, but also dilates blood vessels and raises your heart rate.

There's so much unregulated stuff out there that it's just surprising products like this aren't wreaking even more havoc. It's especially difficult to know what's really trustworthy when salons and drugstores are selling the products (as they were with Ubertan). Which is why you're still your own best resource. Have you ever been taken in by a product like this?

Source: Flickr User robin_24

Source: Dear Brits: No, You Can't Get Tan With Nasal Spray

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