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Victoria Beckham Tan, Victoria Beckham Self Tanner

Do You Spray Tan All Year Round?

I'm a big fan on the spray tan, no matter the season. It's safer on your skin than the sun and it's a great way to look instantly savage before going on holiday. Apparently Victoria Beckham is also a fan of the year-round fake bake. According to the Daily News, she's hired a personal spray-on tan artist to help her tan appear more natural.

Jimmy Coco (aka Mr. Spray Tan) said, "When we met, she had the worst fake tan ever."

Now, however, she's orange no more thanks to her bi-monthly visits to Jimmy where he turns her the perfect shade of brown with a spray gun whilst she wears only white paper thong! Do you spray tan throughout the year? If so, do you go to a booth or do you have a specially appointed person that you trust to do the job?

Image Source: Getty
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