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What Is the Finest Wool?

Forget Cashmere — This Is the Wool You Wish Your Jumpers Were Made Of

When the temperature drops and the rain (or snow) sets in, there's nothing we like more than the feel of a cosy, warm jumper on our skin. But whether it's made from merino, angora, or cashmere, it will have nothing on this unique, soft wool.

With the so-called Record Bale award, Italian clothing company Loro Piana recognises the producers of the finest wools each year. Characterised by extremely high quality, the winning bale will be turned into only a few dozen lengths of fabric, making it almost as precious as jewels.

Historically, Australia and New Zealand have been the two countries that have produced the best wools, and this year was no exception. But while the Kiwis beat the Wallabys in the Rugby World Cup final this October, it was Australia's Pamela and Robert Sandlant from the Pyrenees Park farm who took home the prize for the finest wool.

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