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What It's Like to Use the Oil Cleansing Method

We're Trying the Oil Cleansing Method: Week One

Last week I began using the oil cleansing method, using a combination of olive oil, castor oil, and tea tree oil. Tons of readers gave me great advice on how to proceed, and a week later, I've made some adjustments and am happy to report that I'm still very much into the OCM. The hear about what my first week was like, just keep reading.

For the first couple of days I used the OCM, I had pretty heavy breakouts. Some readers had suggested that my skin would "purge" for a couple of days, but it was going downhill so quickly that it had me worried.

Several readers had pointed out the sweet almond oil worked for them, and since the people who suggested it had dry, sensitive skin like mine, I made the switch. Now, a few days later, my acne is clearing up quickly and my skin feels much less dry.

I'm uncertain about putting castor and tea tree back in the mix for now, but my experience so far has definitely shown me that no one oil works for everyone. You have to experiment to find the one that's best for your skin. Have any of you made any oil adjustments for the better? And do you think I should put the castor and tea tree oil back in my cleanser?

Source: We're Trying the Oil Cleansing Method: Week One

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