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What to Wear When It's Hot and Rainy

What to Actually Wear When It’s Raining and Sweltering Outside

What to Wear When It's Hot and Rainy

Summer is our ideal season. Let me rephrase that: when it's sunny, clear, and we're sitting by the seaside with our friends, summer is our ideal season. When sweltering summer days come with a heatwave warning, or a massive grey cloud brings surprise stormy weather, that's another thing entirely — and it's a particularly hard thing to dress for.

I once got caught in a downpour wearing wide leg trousers and boots on a sticky day in the city, and barely lived to tell the tale. So, live and learn. Now, I've made it a personal mission to track down some outfits that are heatwave and rainy day friendly, as well as pinpoint six things that absolutely are not. Soak up the inspiration, pack a fan, or an umbrella — and stay stylish!

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