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What's in Your Bag? Miu Miu

What's in Your Bag? Miu Miu

I am very jealous of today's What's in Your Bag. This Miu Miu tote has been lusted after by me for a very long time! Seems like Sugar reader adhusia makes good use of hers. Here's what's in her bag:

  • An ordinary red wallet
  • House & car keys with a monkey key-chain
  • An umbrella - because you never know in Belgium
  • An organizer (from school) & two pens
  • A book: currently "Lacrimae Rerum" by Slavoy Zizek (about the works of Kieslovski, Hitchcock, Tarkovsky & Lynch) - useful for school
  • Vintage YSL sunglasses

To see the rest of her bag's contents read more

  • Sultana cookies
  • "Twentie's" handcreme - it smells really nice
  • Rosebud Salve - good for everything
  • Compete band aids - in case my shoes are giving me a hard time
  • Kleenex
  • Chanel compact powder
  • YSL Touche Eclat
  • Purol lip balm - love the smell !
  • Fuchsia Chanel lip gloss & light pink Bourjois lip gloss
  • i-pod
  • my cell phone - a tad old but as long as it's working it's ok
  • currently my favourite scent: Muse by Oilily

Don't forget to add the contents of your bag to this group.

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