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What's in Your Bag? Via Spiga

What's in Your Bag? Via Spiga

Today we're taking a look inside Syako's Via Spiga handbag. Her bag contents leads me to think that she is prepared for any occasion! If you want to share the contents of your bag please upload a photo and some information to this group and maybe your bag will be featured right here.

  • Red Leather Wallet (had it for years and love it)
  • Three Envirosax bags so I don't have to ask for plastic when shopping
  • A Gecko Traders money pouch made out of 100% recyclable materials for use at the Farmer's market
  • A small hair brush
  • A glasses case with my glasses tucked inside
  • A highlighter - you never know when you'll need to highlight something

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  • A pouch of dried cranberries in case of a sweet tooth attack
  • One peppermint - probably taken from a restaurant
  • My Motorola Slvr
  • A mirror
  • A travel pack full of Aleve for unexpected head aches
  • A few band aids for unexpected blisters
  • Revlon Lip Gloss
  • A 1 gig jump drive
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