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Would You Spend Over £1000 on Jeans?

We may well be in the midst of a credit crunch, but the world's most expensive pair of jeans has just gone on sale. Christophe Decarnin at Balmain is clearly not concerned with financial worries as he launches a range of jeans over £1000!

The skinny motorcycle jeans (£1060, pictured) are just one of the styles on offer. Some of the more expensive pairs (up to £1190) are bleached with carefully placed rips.

Imogen Crosby of Joseph, which is stocking the jeans in its Chelsea shop told The Telegraph, "I suppose there may be an absurdity over a pair of jeans costing £1,000, but our price is governed by the designer's price. Anyway, we've only got two pairs left."

With thousand pounds spent on handbags and dresses all the time, maybe it's not that different to spend such a large amount on jeans. Decarnin also argues that the price reflects the quality fabrics used. Would you spend that much on a pair of jeans?

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