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Anya Taylor-Joy on Her Fashion and Style Inspiration

A Guide to Anya Taylor-Joy's Personal Style in 6 Simple Questions

Anya Taylor-Joy on Her Fashion and Style Inspiration
Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

It's no coincidence that Anya Taylor-Joy has shown off her impressive talent starring in two key roles from the '60s: The Queen Gambit's Beth Harmon and now Last Night in Soho's Sandie. The 25-year-old actor and artist first fell in love with the decade's music at a young age, and continues to incorporate so many of the nostalgic fashion trends into her personal wardrobe.

From a red carpet perspective, Taylor-Joy knows how to toe the line between drama and elegance. Her appearances are classy, yet never too understated, and always, always with personal meaning behind them. She's worked with Image Architect Law Roach and stylist Paul Burgo on some of her most memorable looks, even recently co-designing a Richard Quinn floral catsuit for a TV interview.

POPSUGAR talked to Taylor-Joy about her recent experience filming, her personal likes and dislikes, and the funny memories from her childhood she was willing to share. All in all, we discovered everything we've ever wanted to know about the star's style evolution by asking her the six simple questions below. From Peter Pan's influence on her closet to the Tigger onesie she recently invested in, it's clear there's nothing dull about being a '60s queen at heart.

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