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How to Wear The Cargo Trend | Spring 2020

Cargos Pockets Have Officially Made a Comeback, and Wowee They're Chicer Than Ever

How to Wear The Cargo Trend | Spring 2020

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Cargo pockets may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of an uberchic item of clothing, but to say that the utilitarian accent is ubiquitous for Spring would be an understatement. At every turn (i.e. brands or stores you regularly shop), count on discovering pants, shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts with the pragmatic detail, though with a twist because what is fashion if not an industry known for turning pragmatic pieces on their head and making them irresistible to fashion girls like you and me.

I, for one, am absolutely here for this trend not only because I appreciate a sensible article of clothing, but because cargos have transformed for 2020 with a decidedly fresh feel that melds perfectly with the basics, minimalist clothing, and neutral colours in my closet. Think tailored-but-oversize shirts, cinched jumpsuits, compartment-happy skirts, and, of course, pants that range from roomy to fitted.

Originating out of function, cargos pockets were designed to increase capacity in pants intended for battle or hunting, often with a snap, button, or Velcro closure. While these are two activities I don't exactly partake in – though dodging cabs, cyclists, and tourists in the NYC streets counts for something, right? — I'm often seeking out items with a bit of gruffness to them to offset the more feminine pieces in my closet. It's all about balance, friends. Now, don't misinterpret my use of the word "gruffness" to assume an item of clothing with cargo pockets is unsavory to the eye. In my opinion, the utilitarian detail is quite captivating, particularly so on a tailored trouser, smart skirt, waist-cinching jacket, or ankle-grazing dress. These pockets create contrast when styled with frillier pieces and ultra-sleek accessories, and we all know that outfits with this sort of dynamic tend to be the most stylish ones. So, you're convinced, yes?

Ahead, witness the cargo pocket trend in action via some of my favourite fashion-influencer outfits that I saved to my styling inspiration folder on Instagram. If you find yourself as engrossed in the trend as I am, shop my edit of cargo-pocketed pieces from pants to tops and skirts. To ensure there's an iteration for everyone, I've included under-$50 options all the way to designer styles.

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