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What Are the Different Types of Diamond Cuts?

Guess the Engagement Ring Style! How Well Do You Know Your Diamonds?

Can you tell your cushion from your princess? Your emerald from your marquise? When it comes to engagement rings, it's all about the diamonds, and even if you're going the nontraditional route with your ring style, it's good to know what's out there and what appeals to you. The four Cs of diamond quality are cut, colour, clarity, and carat, but this quiz is all about the cut, aka the shape of the diamond. I spoke with gemologist Starla Turner, who grades and identifies diamonds at San Francisco vintage jewellery shop Lang Antiques, to get the scoop on these sparkling shapes. Ahead, you'll find photos of engagement rings that she's identified, and your mission is to choose the correct diamond cut.

Put your bling knowledge to the test now, and fair warning: it's trickier than you'd think!