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Lizzo Casts Her Ballot in Glittery, Star-Spangled Bralette

Grant Me the Grace of Lizzo Casting Her Mail-In Ballot in a Star-Spangled Bralette

After months of urging her fans to vote in the 2020 election, Lizzo cast her mail-in ballot, and she made sure to do it in patriotic style. In a video shared to her Instagram account on Oct. 28, she showed up to her local ballot box in a glittery, star-spangled bralette inspired by the American flag and a pair of white denim shorts. Lizzo paired the look with glittery work boots, layered necklaces, a reflective silver face mask, and a glossy red clutch to hold her ballot before sliding it into the ballot box. While her outfit made a statement on its own, Lizzo also took to the caption section to encourage voters to submit their abstentee and mail-in ballots before the presidential election on Nov. 3.

"I VOTED. This is my 3rd time voting in my whole life," Lizzo captioned the video, in which her new red hair was blowing in the wind with all the grace of the American flag. "When you think about how few and far in between that is it really puts things into perspective! I believe this is the beginning of making voting ACCESSIBLE and FAIR so that this country reflects its people. To all my activists, thank you for your constant organising & service. Let's get our vote in so we can get back to the good fight for true liberty and justice for ALL. Have YOU voted yet?" Take a closer look at her outfit ahead, and find out more about how to safely cast your vote this election season.

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