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Maya Jama Shares the Inspirations Behind Her Personal Style

Maya Jama Reveals the Cool Fashion Instagram Account That Is Inspiring Her 2021 Style

Image Source: Adidas

There are two things you can always count on from Maya Jama: a great time and a banging outfit. In recent appearances, the Glow Up presenter has been spotted wearing some of the coolest British brands of the moment, like online store Auné, which is a favourite of Beyoncé. Maya has also been snapping very stylish Instagrams in outfits designed by Roberta Einer, Marques'Almeida, and popular London boutique House of Sunny. For her latest fashion venture, Maya teamed up with Adidas for its new Tennis Luxe collection and spoke to POPSUGAR about her favourite pieces, the fashion trends she's adding to her 2021 wardrobe, and her love for Hailey Bieber's stylist.

"I'm not a regular tenniser, I'll be honest, but I just love the outfits," Maya told POPSUGAR about her new collaboration with Adidas. "They are outfits that I would wear day to day as a look. You don't have to be sporty to wear sportswear anymore, you can just like the look of it and enjoy it." When it came to the actual mechanics of shooting the Tennis Luxe campaign, Maya surprised us with how much the pandemic has totally transformed photo shoots. "The most exciting bit about it was that it was all completely virtual," she explained. "And these, I kept calling them robot cameras, because they could move on their own, and that's very futuristic. I've never done a shoot like that before, in my house, and having people on Zoom. Yeah, it was very 2021."

Maya loves the vintage varsity aesthetic of Adidas's new tennis collection and how cosy the clothes fit to her body. She told us that "Adidas is such an iconic brand, so it's nice to see the old styles being brought back, very '90s and vintage." When she isn't curating '90-inspired outfits, Maya is adding more colourful pieces to her wardrobe and trying out the printed-jeans trend. "I did a massive shop recently, and I love bright colours," she said.

"I would never wear black at all in my outfits just because I like to stand out, but I've started to wear a few little black dresses. I'm wearing one now; small LBDs with trainers is kind of my vibe. And printed trousers, like jeans, with lots of different prints and patterns on them, I really love. I've not been into specific trends really, more just crazy, louder outfits this year." Instead of getting inspired by social media's style set, fashion publications, or fellow celebrities, Maya recommends watching people's stylists because "that's where the real genius is." She told us that "Hailey Baldwin's stylist [Maeve Reilly] is amazing. I like streetwear looks, too, and I like old-school catwalks to look for inspo, old music videos, lots of '90s videos I like looking at. And there's an account called Gelbsy on Instagram that posts lots of aesthetically pleasing looks."

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